Water Tank Cleaning


    It is important to conduct annual inspections and proper cleaning of the to determine that tanks are free of debris, scale, sludge, plant growth and bacteria which will ensure hygiene. Our prompt and cost effective, our Mechanized Cleaning services offers uncontaminated and healthy supply. Our services include cleaning of all types of tanks including storage, underground, overhead & loft tanks. Executed using advanced tools and equipments, our solutions can also be customized to meet the specific needs and demands of the clients.

    Our Mechanized Cleaning services ensure

    • Reducing wastewater
    • We clean all internal surfaces
    • Reducing cleaning time up to 60%
    • High-impact cleaning of small, medium & large
    • Sterilization and disinfection is done using UV Radiation

Water Tank Treatment: 500 Ltr


Water Tank Treatment: 1000 Ltr


Water Tank Treatment: 2000 Ltr


Water Tank Treatment: Above 2000 Ltr